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Best Pawn Shop Reviews


5 Star Yelp Rating

"This is the best service I ever receive from a pawn & loan store . I have developed a trust with these guys. I wouldn't go to any other place to get a loan , as long as gold star jewelry is around."

Anthony R., Chicago, IL


5 Star Yelp Rating


"Surprisingly I went into Gold Star not expecting much, but then I found the best deals on jewelry I've seen in the city. Pleasantly surprised I will continue my business with Gold Star."

Vixter G., Chicago, IL


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Our Process

Using the above form, send us information about your item (e.g. make, model, condition). Please include photos whenever possible. You can also call us at 773.942.6556 for a quick initial estimate/appraisal. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our estimate/appraisal will be.


Once we receive the information you have provided, we will determine the maximum loan or purchase value for your item, and contact you with an estimate. You are under no obligation to accept our offer. If you already have an offer from another pawn broker, let us know — we’ll meet or beat any reasonable offer!


Next, bring in your valuable for a final offer. If you choose to accept the offer (and upon completion of your pawn contract) we'll pay you INSTANT CASH! The State of Illinois reqires two forms of identification be kept on file for each transaction/customer before any transaction can be completed.


Upon the expiration of your pawn contract, or at any time before then, you can pay off the loan and get your item back. We accept a variety of payment options. Once the loan is repaid, you are free to pick-up your item or we will ship your item back to you.


Pawn Loans up to $10,000
Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co specializes in high value pawns. If you are interested in selling or pawning items of considerable values, such as jewelry, art, collectibles, or precious metals, Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co is the right choice for you. Our Pawn Loan program offers unparalleled customer service and the maximum value for your items. Our team of expert appraisers will work with you to value your item and create a loan designed to meet your unique needs.